Role of International Maritime Transport

Title: Role of International Maritime Transport
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Subject: Logistics and Maritime Transport
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The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is a legal authority that deals with the regulation of international shipping. The regulation of international shipping has faced a fair share of challenges ranging from security concerns to disputes throughout the years. IMO was established as a specialized United Nations agency that tackles marine affairs and ensures the safety and security of international shipping. It adopted the implementation laws for environmental protection, legal matters, technical cooperation, and shipping efficiency (Gregory & Angelia, 2012). Accidents of Erika tanker (1999) and Prestige that causes excessive water pollution of Europe demanded an immediate response from IMO. To tackle such risks, IMO has revised the guidelines and procedures in the shipping industry which shows how IMO regulates maritime traffic (Rusu, 2012). IMO provides a forum for cooperation among various international governments that regulate international trade practices that set the highest possible standards that enhance safety, security, and efficiency in international shipping. (Willy, 2016). IMO brings various improvements in the international shipping of transport. IMO has facilitated and drafted the highest possible maritime affairs standards that fulfill the Organization’s objectives (IMO, 2017). IMO is actively transforming shipping transportation and building the necessary infrastructure to provide a sustainable global maritime transportation system (Gollasch & David, 2017). Indeed, IMO is paving its way towards strengthening the transport sector to facilitate the global economy.

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