Five Chapters of a Research Thesis

Thesis, a crowning activity of university students, generally incorporates five major chapters, sometimes their sub-sections are divided into more chapters, but ins and outs the outline remains the same.

Chapter 1: Introduction

It is an initial part of your research study, which tells the reader what they are going to know in the entire thesis. This chapter encompasses

  • Overview of your topic
  • Background of your study
  • Objective of the study
  • Problem statement
  • Conceptual framework
  • Hypothesis
  • Significance of the study
  • Scope and limitations of your research study

Besides, the researcher can add definitions for clarifying the main terms that will be used in the thesis.

Chapter 2: Litrature Review

The second part of the thesis writing contains the relevant previous literature or research studies to provide the base of the proposed study. You can collect it from books, scientific magazines, and research journals. It should be organized to elucidate the problem statement of your research study and relate it to your study. This part answers the questions such as, how your research is unique from previous studies, or is it Logical expansion of previous studies?

Remember, to avoid old published material (try to select maximum literature from most recent year upto10 previous years).

Chapter 3: Design and Methodology

This chapter consists of numerous parts including:

  • Research Design
  • Population and Sampling
  • Research Instruments and their Validity
  • Data gathering procedure
  • Data Collection
  • Statistical Analysis

Chapter 4: Results and Discussion

This chapter embraces the findings and discussion of your research study. You can present your cohort data into tabular, textual, or graphical form. Based on the findings, hypotheses are accepted or rejected. Discussion includes the declaration of statistical analysis and verified with previous studies. You can link your findings with previous studies, which can be supporting or conflicting.

Chapter 5: Conclusion

This chapter summarizes the whole thesis into three parts, summary, conclusion, and recommendations. The summary part describes the objective, research design, and findings. The conclusion is a brief and generalized statement to conclude the thesis. On the other hand, recommendations are based on the findings and conclusions. Recommendations can be specific, general or both. These should be flexible, adaptable, and feasible.


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