3 Simple Steps to Choose Your Research Topic

Are you confused to select an appropriate topic for your research and thesis writing?

Today we are going to articulate three simple steps about the topic selection for the research thesis.

Step 1: Brainstorm Your Favorite Domain

Take a look at search engines to find out the sizzling topic in your favorite domain. A topic that is current, well established and has enough research studies. It will ease you to relate your research study with previous literature and creating your literature review.

For example, Enlist numerous topics, keywords, and statements that are related to your favorite area and domain. Besides, keep on searching the topics in previous research as each of the statements in your research paper should be backed by the published research in either a supportive or a conflicting way.

Step 2:  Brainstorm Your Topic

Select your favorite domain and a topic you know a lot about and are interested in, as a result, you will love to work on it.

For example, Focus on your chosen broad and relevant industry either education, bank, management, ethics, science or technology. Find out the reachable and researchable areas. Afterward, select appropriate and your adored territory.

Step 3: Brainstorm Your Audience

Your Audience is the most crucial part of your research, so when you are selecting your topic, first confirm the audience that can be involved in your research or interested in your topic.

For example, Your audience may include your supervisor, examiner, other researchers in your field and other readers. So, you need to design your topic carefully that should appeal to your audience and make them read it. Furthermore, if they don’t know about anything related to your topic, they should have an idea from your topic what they are going to read in your thesis which means the topic should be concise and clear.

When you have a carefully chosen topic using these three simple steps then, you only need to write about it!

Every researcher knows that writing a research thesis is a tiresome process. From the selection of topic to execution of data analysis, it takes time and a lot of effort to write a kick-ass thesis.

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